It’s a terrible thing to think about the church of God in this day and age compromising with the world. We see it in various forms. The church was once so in awe of God’s holiness, is now tainted with the stains of the world. A church that was not afraid to stand up against the world’s culture and the direction it’s heading, is now in bed with it. Folks this is the time that we need to wash our clothes and iron the wrinkles that are on our garments because it is about to get much worst. Many preachers are introducing heresy and feeding their sheep a watered down Gospel.

In the last days, many will depart from the faith and give heed to deceiving spirits. We don’t even see people getting convicted, by the Holy Spirit of their sins anymore. It’s all about Jesus loves you and wants you to serve Him. He will always accept you into his kingdom, even if you haven’t repented from your sins. We are slowly giving an inch to the devil and it’s because the hunger for God isn’t their anymore. We don’t see people repenting coming to the alter anymore crying out for mercy. We don’t see a thirst for the holiness of God. What we see is a lot of psychology, that is rooted in the world’s principle, then that of Scriptures. We see such dryness is the body of Christ, such powerlessness, such weakness, and we continue to go along as if nothing is wrong. We carry along happily as long as the hard truth of the Gospel, doesn’t interfere with our life.

Brothers and sisters! We are entering into a time where it is rare to hear the full truth of the gospel consistently from the pulpit. many of you are hungry and thirst for a godly church and cannot find one. Don’t lose hope! Christ said that this would happen. People will be deceived and they will go on deceiving others, as we see today. Hold your faith close and continue to live out this Gospel and preach it’s truth without a filter. Do not let the devil discourage you, where you give up and follow the crowd. Pray always! Continue to exhort one another and yourself with the truth, so that your hearts will not be hardened by sin. I will be praying for you!

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A Simple Believer Ministries, is all about bringing back simplicity to kingdom living.

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