The United Nations and The New World Order-Introduction

This is the introduction to a series I am calling, The United Nations and the New World Order. In this series, I would be exposing the deeds of darkness and the deception that has overtaken the world, and how the UN and the NWO are connected.  Many believers are asleep in a time where we should be fasting, praying and studying Gods word, so that we would not fall for the schemes of Satan.

First and foremost, if you are not familiar with what the United Nations is, let me start with giving you a brief history lesson.

The United Nations was formed by Winston Churchill and President Franklin D. Roosevelt, during World War II, in the year 1942. It was comprised of 26 Nations, pledging to fight together against the Axis Powers (Nazi Germany, Empire of Japan, Kingdom of Italy), of the time. Today they have more than 193 member countries, and their ultimate goal is to prepare the way for Lucifer.

Since its inception, the UN has been working tirelessly to train, indoctrinate, counsel, influence, and establish across the globe ‘the system,” in which Lucifer will reign through. The bible makes it clear that there will be a system put in place in which no one would be able to buy or sell.

How have they been able to influence the world without much detection?

One word, ENTERTAINMENT! They have been indoctrinating us through television programs, music, Hollywood, movies, books, teachers, spirituality, news, school system, government, etc. All without many of us questioning it.  They have been pushing their agenda, of a universal Christ that fits us all. A Christ that can be served through many different ways. Jesus was clear when He said that He is the only way to get to the father (John 14:6). But Satan and his minions, has been pushing an “inclusive salvation” doctrine, to confuse the minds of many.

My main focus in this series, will be to concentrate on the UN’s Sustainability Agenda for 2030. I will go through each goal and break down how they have been working in the background to make sure each goal is accomplished, and how it’s connected to the end times.  I will leave a link below of a fellow believer who does an excellent job, at giving us a foundation into the influence and philosophy of the leaders behind this Occult.

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