The Sons of God- Sethite Theory

The Sons of God has been a much-debated topic for many years. There are a couple of theories out there but… My focus will be on just two of them. believe the Sons of God was referring to fallen angels, while others believe that it was referring to the line of Seth, the “righteous” ones at the time. I believe that both make compelling arguments however-only one can be truth.

What Ever Happened To Discretion?

What in the world is happening to believers now a days!!!! Believers have found it okay, to speak about their whole lives (the good and the bad) on whatever platform is available to them. All in the name of being able to identify with this culture. Many without even realizing it, have emptied the power of the Cross by their foolish statements and silly post that instead of bringing conviction to the hearts of the people, they keep them in their sin.

The Seduction of Our Generation

I heard a teaching a while back that stuck with me, it said, “in every generation, a new demon is released, stronger than the current one”. As we take a look back into history, we see that every generation was enslaved by a stronger demon than the one before. With every generation that passes, it paves the way for an even stronger demon to take hold of it, and lead it deeper into bondage.